How it works


A Reiki treatment can last between 15 minutes and 90 minutes. It can be done on a massage table, a chair, a bed, and even standing. During the treatment, the practitioner places her hands on or slightly above specific points on the receiver’s body. The receiver may feel different sensations such as warmth, coldness, tingling. The most immediately noticeable effects are a state of deep relaxation combined with a feeling of general well-being. Most receivers of Reiki say that they feel refreshed and have a sense of calm and mental clarity. They also sleep better. Usually, after the first session the receiver feels the need to eliminate or cleanse, through crying, urinating, sweating etc. It is recommended that the receiver drinks plenty of purified water.

Reiki can be the perfect complementary therapy in any healing or personal wellness program. Its intention is to be used to improve wellness, not just illness.